USSpeller is a Free American Online Spelling Tutor & Game
with powerful features:
    * words are spoken by your computer;
    * large numbers of lists for each grade;
    * scoring & grading system are fun to use;
    * provides hints, definitions & sentences;
    * simple to use at home or at school;
    * sounds can be repeated, words skipped.
Introduction to USSpeller Kinder Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Advanced Frequent KeyBoard Tutor
USSpeller has a powerful Online keyboard tutor that:
    * starts with letters - using a 'keyhunt' game;
    * then to words (4 levels) & sentences (3 levels);
    * users try to beat the meter and scores are shown
      as letters & words per minute, with wizard grades.
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 Select a list to start USspeller
Over 400 Graded Lists; 4000 words!
You can print the lists. All free!
For American Spelling users
You need Flash for Sounds
  *** NEW New! ***
  Speller's Cousin for
  Rewriter using

  Australian & British Ozspeller
Aside from lists and spellers,
 spelling software can also help
 improve spelling skills.
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